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Detroit Cocktail Camp started with just six Saturdays in the winter of 2019, but has quickly grown to a year-round series to learn the art of crafting cocktails from your favorite Detroit destinations.

Partnering with the best restaurants, bars, and distilleries, cocktail camp provides an insider look at these venues, while you take a master class to learn the art of making their signature drinks.

These intimate and exclusive classes give you the chance to laugh & mingle with each other, while the best mixologists in Detroit teach you their tricks of the trade.

Scroll down to our current offerings:


Tiki Drinks & Punches

Pool party time & what better way to celebrate than to add a little Caribbean flair with some Tiki Drinks? The team at Anchor Bar are going to teach DCC campers a couple of classics and a few modern Tiki Drinks to help make your BBQ the talk of the neighborhood. Because no one wants to spend the entire day behind the bar, we’re also going to be teaching guests how to take those individual drinks and adapt them into punches or batched cocktails.


“All-day” Drinking

We are taking Detroit Cocktail Camp on the road and starting to explore some of the distilleries that are within a few hours of Metro Detroit. The first stop on this road trip is Lansing, Michigan.

American Fifth only uses home-made ingredients in their cocktails. They make their own absinthe, amaretto, coffee liqueur, fernet, and so much more. Check out their May menu to see just how many varieties American Fifth features. 

When we say "All-Day" Drinking, what we mean are cocktails specifically for every meal. American Fifth is going to take you through cocktail flavors that pair with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We will talk about sweet, sour, bitter, and more as you learn to create a drink for any occasion.


moody midweek mixology

For this special midweek class, Detroit Cocktail Camp is partnering with The Townsend Hotel & Marie Brizard. Whether you are looking for something light and refreshing or something a little stronger, this class has you covered. We're going to talk about a rainbow of flavors that will compliment whatever kind of week you are having!

Rugby Grille will provide complimentary food pairing to go with the cocktails.  

Let Midweek Mixology help get you over hump-day!



Your sense of smell is extremely important to enjoying the full flavor of a cocktail. Castalia pairs craft cocktails with fragrances for multi-sensory experience and will be teaching us lucky campers a few tricks of their trade. It’s a different experience than other Metro Detroit bars.

For this unique class, Chief cocktail scientist, Kevin Peterson, will be teaching how to pair fragrance and flavor to give depth to non-alcoholic Mocktails you create in your home bar. This will be unlike any “cocktail” experience in the Metro Detroit scene. You won’t want to miss it.

Due to the size of the venue, camp will be limited to fourteen guests.


Mad Men Mixology
(Classic Cocktails from the 1960s)

There's no doubt that the popularity of Mad Men helped to reinvigorate today's modern cocktail culture. When you think of Don Draper, it's usually with a rocks glass in one hand & a cigarette in the other. How about Roger Sterling & his "fondness for olive dinners?" Detroit Cocktail Camp wanted to pay homage to Sterling Cooper & the cocktail culture of the 1960s with this pop culture class.

Learn about the history of cocktail culture in Detroit from Jim Brady's Detroit, a family business who was there to see it.


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