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Detroit Cocktail Camp started with just six Saturdays in the winter of 2019, but has expanded to three seasonal sessions for Detroiters to learn the art of crafting cocktails from local experts.

Partnering with the best restaurants, bars, hotels and distilleries, Detroit Cocktail Camp provides an insider look at these venues, while you take a master class to learn the art of making their signature drinks.

These intimate and exclusive classes give you the chance to laugh & mingle with each other, while the best mixologists around Metro Detroit teach you their tricks of the trade.

Scroll down to our current offerings:


Bebidas al Muertos

Detroit Cocktail Camp's first session will teach campers about about the differences between blanco, anejo and reposado. We're cooking up some Dia de los Muertos themed drinks to liven up your Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos celebrations and having a few laughs along the way. We will highlight Tequila Cabresto from Detroit’s own Lopez family and learn from the makers themselves with their history in Jalisco, Mexico & Detroit.


Fabulous Fall Favorites

At Detroit Cocktail Camp, we love the team at Rusted Crow and have no doubt that the Fall Favorites class will again blow cocktail campers away.

Learn about the variety of spirits made on site at Rusted Crow's facility in Dearborn as well as how to make their lead mixologist's fall favorites. This three hour class will give any first time cocktail camper a strong foundation for making drinks at home and add a few tricks any bartender can master.


Scented Cocktails

Your sense of smell is extremely important to enjoying the full flavor of a cocktail. Castalia pairs craft cocktails with fragrances for multi-sensory cocktails and will be teaching a select group a few tricks of their trade. It’s a different experience than other Metro Detroit bars.

Chief cocktail scientist, Kevin Peterson, will be teaching how to pair fragrance and flavor to give depth to cocktails you create in your home bar.


Salute to the Troops:
Drinks Honoring
America’s Veterans

Hotel Tango Distillery is the first in America owned & operated by veterans. Republic Tavern is located in the historic Grand Army Republic building that was a gathering place for Civil War veterans.

On November 10, we are teaming up to teach cocktail campers five drinks, one inspired by each branch of service and featuring craft spirits from Hotel Tango. Join us for this delicious Salute to the Troops. $10 from each ticket will be donated to Humble Design’s Detroit Chapter as our way of saying thank you.


Pre-Prohibition Cocktails

Who doesn't love a speakeasy?

Evening Bar is one of Metro Detroit's hidden gems and they are opening their doors during the day to teach Detroit Cocktail Campers about classic cocktails from the early 20th century. A lot of alcohol came across the Detroit River back in the day and the team at Evening Bar is going to teach us some of their modern twists on these classics. It's going to be a great class.


international holiday drinks

Learn a variety of mixology techniques and even a little trivia during this camp session as we explore holiday inspired recipes from around the world with Two James Spirits. Their experts will talk about this distillery's history, the spirits they produce and show you how to make some fabulous December drinks.


whiskey 101

Whiskey 101 teaches cocktail campers the difference between whiskey, bourbon, rye and more during this interactive tasting class. Central Kitchen's team will share their knowledge while we try some of the bottles in their collection as well as learn how to make some classic whiskey cocktails.


wine cocktails

There's more to wine cocktails than sangria. The Royce will teach Cocktail Camp not to be afraid to put a little wine into cocktails.

Wine Cocktails has been on the request list for a while now and we couldn't be happier than to partner with The Royce to be able to offer this class. Learn how red & white work with other spirits, taste the wine next to the wine cocktail and go home having learned a few new tricks.


Trader Vic & Ole Saint Nick
A Caribbean Christmas

Savant Midtown has been gaining notoriety for Rebecca Wurster's creative cocktails and her focus on molecular mixology. For this Detroit Cocktail Camp class, Trader Vic & Old Saint Nick, Rebecca will be teaching campers her take on Tiki spin on Christmas cocktails & some simple molecular mixology tricks you can do at home. If you've been curious about molecular mixology, this beginners class is for you.


drink the halls

Ann Arbor Distilling Company is unique among Metro Detroit's distillers because along with gin & whiskey, they've had an emphasis on fruit liqueurs and other flavors.

Barrel-aged, coffee schnapps anyone?

Drink the halls will be all about fun & flavor as we explore their specialities and learn how these unique spirits can add another dimension to your home bar and get ready for the holidays.


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